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Your Child’s Key to Great Writing: Assistive Technology for Dysgraphia and Writing Disabilities

When your child child has dysgraphia, he may have GREAT ideas and a lot to say. However, it is very difficult for your child to get his ideas written down.

As a result, a lot of kids with dysgraphia or specific writing disabilities often write simple, short sentences. Additionally, your child’s writing may be difficult to read due to letter spacing problems, spelling difficulties, or the amount of information that is left out of his composition.

Check out the assistive technology for dysgraphia and writing disabilities to enable your child’s writing while you develop your child’s written expression skills.  If you’re interested in helping your child overcome his written expression difficulties, the information about remediating dysgraphia on the LearningAbledKids.com website may be of help to you.

If your child has other learning challenges, you may also want to check out the information about assistive technology for reading, math, and executive functioning (ADHD) elsewhere on this site.

Below, I’ve included high, medium, and low tech assistive technology solutions for you to consider.

High-Tech Assistive Technology for Dysgraphia and Writing Disabilities

Dictation Software (speech-to-text)

Word processing software

Word prediction software (Co-Writer)

Talking Word Processors (Talk Typer)

Onscreen keyboard (touchpad)

Portable word processor

Idea Mapping Software (Inspiration, Kidspiration, XMind)

Writing Tablet with Writing Apps

Proofreading programs

Abbreviation Expansion

Mid-Tech Assistive Technology for Dysgraphia and Writing Disabilities

Electronic Spellers

Electronic Dictionaries

Electronic Thesaurus

Digital Recorders for Oral/Dictated Responses

Dictation Headset

Low Tech Assistive Technology for Dysgraphia and Writing Disabilities


Pencil Grips

Adaptive Grip Pens and Pencils

Wide-lined paper

Raised-line paper

Graphic Organizers

Composition Templates

Lettering Stencils

Writing Guide

Preprinted words or phrases for sentence construction

Words Cards

Word Banks (Word Rings, Word books)

Word Wall (posters)



High Contrast Pen and Paper (Brightlines Paper)

Slant Board / Lap Board

Word Spacer

White Board

Page Holders

Correction Tape

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