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Assistive Technology (A.T.) Definition

What is Assistive Technology and how can you use it to help your child learn?

Assistive technology is used to help kids with learning disabilities access general information. A.T. helps kids communicate more effectively, complete learning tasks, and have an equal ability to finish educational tasks.

Assistive technology can help people with learning disabilities learn more easily. It can provide better access to the general curriculum. A.T. can also help kids complete assignments they might otherwise not be able to finish. There are many different types of educational and commercial technology that can be used for learning.

Learning disabilities are covered under the U.S. Federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  Both of those laws require equal access to learning as a key in learning abled kids’ education.  Technology can provide the required access, especially when a child can’t yet read, write, or perform math calculations.

Using technology to make learning more accessible to kids just makes sense.  Since it helps a child learn, there is no reason to withhold learning technology. Whether your child has ADHD, Aspergers, dyslexia, dysgraphia, executive function deficits, or some other learning disabilities, he deserves to learn!

This Learning Abled Kids’ site focuses on assistive technology for reading, writing, math, and general education accessibility for kids with learning disabilities.

If your child needs help, check out the types of Assistive Technology for Reading, Writing, Math and More…

If you want to see some really COOL Assistive Technology that can help your child learn all kinds of things, check out the Amazon Echoassistive technology!

Assistive Technology Resources and Reviews

This site is in its infancy, so there isn’t a lot of content here yet. However, there are lists of types of Assistive Technology for kids with learning disabilities in each of the above categories.

I will add information about tools for learning and how to use the tools. I intend to build this into a great resource site for helping kids learn through different types of technology and multisensory learning.

Check out the wide variety of Assistive Technology available to you:

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